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ARE YOU READY for the 2014 Show Season?

Your RHANW board has spent all winter making this years show season the best yet. In 2013 we gave away a saddle for the Non Pro Challenge. It was a huge success so this year it's back! Not ready for the Non Pro challenge but want a chance to win a saddle? Well, get your pony ready because we are giving away a saddle in the Rookie L2. Did you know the qualifications for NRHA L1 is now $500, and Rookie L2 is now $1500? Familiarize yourself with the NRHA rules before it's time to show! NRHA now excepts membership renewals online!

Youth riders listen up! Did you know we have a youth adviser? We DO!! Maria Imperial has been the adviser for a couple years and she along with Conner Beck are working to fund raise and get a youth saddle for 2014. To help the youth get their saddle every stall that is stripped cleaned the club will donate $10 to the RHANW youth. Stalls need to be cleaned, and shavings put in the appropriate places (not the hall way). Lets all help them earn their saddle! 

We are in need of sponsors at all levels. This club could not do the amazing things we do without all our sponsors. Prizes and class awards are not possible with out sponsors. Every sponsorship helps, at every level. Visit the sponsor page, and find out how you can sponsor or ask your friends to sponsor. Contact Katrena to find out more. 

I hope everyone is back in the saddle after this wild winter! Right now is the perfect time to check over your tack and make sure it's all in working condition before an accident happens. I hope to see everyone in May!

Audry Henning
RHANW President

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